Tips on Tells: What Your Opponents are Telling You

Part 2

Affective note taking should give you both quick, basic info that can be read and processed in a second as well as detailed notes to give you better insight of what you’re up against.  Remember, online you’ll be playing many different players some of which you’re likely to play more than once.  The only way to keep track of them all is with strong notes.

Always make a note of whether they are a loose or tight player depending on what the tells above tell you.  This comes from notes you take on how they play.  Pay attention to how different players react from the early, middle and late positions as this will alter a good player’s strategy.  Note mentioned above but worth noting is how a player protects their blinds as well as how they play a strong hand. 

Make sure your notes aren’t too general.  If you see what cards the player had don’t just say they raised with KQ.  These are connected face cards and the player probably would have done the same thing if it was QJ.  Therefore a better note would be “raised with connected face cards before the flop”.  This is especially true if you find the same results in similar situations.

Understand that your notes are documents in process.  You’ll be constantly adding to them and altering them as you follow a player.  It’s not unreasonable to assume their playing style and strategy will morph over time.  These are observations and anything you see can help you later on down the line.

Finally understand that just as you are looking for these tells others are looking for them in you.  Make sure to change up your game every now and then to throw others off and make them second guess their own notes.  Take note of players that seem to do the same as they are probably stronger players that understand the game.  Just as with everything else in life nothing is set in stone and you’re notes are simply a guideline to give you an edge when playing.

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