Playing it Safe While Playing Online

Part 2

Your Personal Information

Since the internet’s been available to the public well over a decade we should know to be careful putting our personal information out on the web.  There are sophisticated con men around every corner trying to pry that info out of you using the anonymity of the internet to make a clean getaway. 

Do your homework to find a legit poker room to open an account with.  This will require giving them personal info like a credit card number.  However a good site will have a sophisticated system to secure your information.  Many actually go as far as making sure the cards you’re dealt in a hand go only to your computer so that hackers can’t intercept the info and take you at a card table.

If anyone ever asks you, or says they need your credit card information and such after you’ve registered don’t dare do it.  You can’t already be in the poker room playing at a table unless the online poker has this information in hand.  This means if someone approaches you after the fact saying they are with the operation and needing your financial specifics report them immediately.

Reporting Offensive Players

In fact, going right along with the last note, you should report any players that harass you while you’re at the site.  You are entitled to speak out if anyone else hassles you, pressures you or bullies you. 

This includes at the tables playing when you’re trying to concentrate on making the right moves and someone may be trying to rush you or coerce you into a decision as well as if they are contacting you interactively within other areas of the sight and are digging for your personal info.  If you’re feeling uneasy about the motives of another person take accurate notes on the name of the player, the time and date, what was said and if anyone else witnessed the conversation.


This is a perfect segway into chatting in online poker rooms.  Chatting was developed so that players could interact with each other in a fun way while playing as you could at a real table.  However, there are others out there that abuse the tool.  It’s during these conversations with other players that you can be singled out and harassed.

Never give out any of your personal info or others info while chatting as this leaves you wide up for identity theft.  Don’t answer questions from others that are seeking out this sort of information even if you think it is someone you know.  You never know if someone has already sought you out for conning by creating a user name close to another person’s that you’re familiar with and may easily mistake for someone else.

As suggested before if you are harassed in any way while chatting in a poker room you need to report them to the operators of the site.  The best thing to do if you can is save the chat window so you have the conversation on file as well as their information.  Don’t worry about reprecussions of reporting someone.  It’s completely anonymous and will likely take care of problems the person was creating for others.

Your Handle

Your handle is the name you give yourself on your online poker room account and is seen as your placeholder at the tables.  That means everyone else is seeing your handle.  Needless to say, some unwittingly input personal info into their handle.  Stay away from incorporating your name at all as well as your location such as a city’s name. 

Also don’t use parts of any passwords to any of your accounts within your handle.  We like to personalize our handles and use things that a familiar to us in them, but that can put you at risk.

Your Money

As a safeguard from losing large sums of money, try not to keep more than absolutely necessary in your account when you’re not playing and when it hopefully becomes a considerable amount.  This keeps you from possibly temporarily losing control of the money in your account if the gaming operator for some reason decides to stop serving players in your company, has legal trouble, folds or the like. 

There’s a very good chance that you’ll get every penny of your money back, however it could take a long time for that to happen.  The easy fix, cash out when you can to keep your account low.


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