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Free Poker Online, the Safe Way

Just take a look at the themes from movies about poker and you’ll notice a common thread, namely hustlers, con men and swindlers of every sort.  Poker is a game notoriously known for those that see their chance at taking advantage of others.  Step one is to understand poker probabilities. We'd also recommend you start playing at freerolls where you are not risking your own money. Once you are more comfortable, then begin playing for real money.

Most all online poker rooms are completely safe and work daily to improve the security of their player’s information and their enjoyable experience.  However, in this day and age with technology and online poker playing there are now different ways for criminals to steal your hard earned money. 

To keep from letting others taint the game for you, as well as avoid legal problems, take a look at our list of ways to protect yourself while playing online.  They are simple suggestions to keep online poker room playing a positive experience.

The Site You Play At

First and foremost you must begin protecting your interest before you even lay money down.  There have been known to be corrupt online poker operations, especially since the US government cracked down on online poker and many gambling operates dropped US players.  Established online poker rooms are a much safer bet than new ones. 

With the information available on the web today and people blogging like crazy, a quick search can help you determine if a site is legit or not.  Look for any legal disputes and charges as well as any negative comments by people who have actually played at the site you’re interested in.

There are also sites that review poker rooms, like our Poker Room Review section.  We can supply you with pertinent information on reliable online poker rooms.  Poker operations that care about their players will be very up front with the software systems they use and what kind of security measures that software takes to protect you.  This simple step is one that’s often overlooked, but can save you a lot of headache down the road.  

The Tax Man

There’s another way that the government is involved with poker, namely in the form of taxes.  There is almost no way you can get in trouble legally by playing fair poker online with a site that’s approved for US players.  But if you win and don’t report it to the government they’ll nail you with tax evasion. 

They want their cut of your earnings and it may take them years to discover your unreported earnings or they may never, but one thing’s for sure, if they do catch it you’ll deal with high priced fines and years of financial issues tax evasion creates.

Your Computer

Not only is it unsafe to play on a computer other than your own for security reasons, but it could also get you in other trouble.  Don’t make the mistake others have in not resisting the urge to play at work or on campus grounds.  It’s highly likely that your school, place of business and other public computers don’t allow gambling on their systems. 

It’s highly likely wherever you’re caught you’ll lose the right to the use of their computers.  In the case of work there are systems in place to keep track of what employees are doing online.  If you’re a federal employee this is grounds for immediate discharge and basically any other business could use it as a reason for letting you go. 

There’s also a much higher chance of someone being able to hack into a public computer and steal your information than it is on your own personal computer.  So wait until you’re able to play on your own computer rather than on someone else’s.  That brings us to our next point.

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